Friday, March 12, 2010

i'm chelsea fc die hard fan....!!!

est. 14th March 1905
my favourite club since 1997..
the year that they've won the FA Cup title..
beaten Middlesbrough..
love u chelsea...4eva..
once the Blues, always the Blues...

1905 - 1st Team Member

1955 - 1st Time won the English League..

1970/1972 - Won The FA Cup against Leeds United..
reunite to sing 1st Chelsea Anthem - Blue Is The Colour..

1999/2000 - FA Cup winner against Middlesbrough..
reunite with Suggs And Co. to sings BLUE DAY...

2004/2005 - 1st Premier League title after 50 years..
2006 - BACK-to-BACK champions...

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