Friday, December 10, 2010

How to maintain our consistency?

I was thinking about this post just after look up at my friend's status (Credit to Ee's Dudeo). In my opinion states to him that in our life, it is very important about maintaining consistency and also by not giving up either in the field of studies, working or life living. I would like to share my personal thought in this such an interesting topics. These are how we maintained it :

a) we must think about our future rather than present performance of life;

b) we need to reminds ourselves on how our parents sacrificing their life for giving education, pocket moneys and also our needs;

c) need to forget our past dreams we may thought and wanted to be by starting new chapter of life with a new dreams, spirit and emotion;

d) forget those friends which may influences you to a bad behavior;

e) if we always feels down, the most important part is think about ourselves and make expectations for our future by comparing 
the worst one and the most happiest life;

f) then, for our religion, always get pray and remember ALLAH because we as a human, we just may planed but GOD determined it;

g) for love, I mean the relationship between boys and girls that major in teens nowadays, step away the love by targeting our determination and become a successful person. If we keep the 'LOVE' interrupt our life of hardworking on our future, this may gave problem to the person because it will diminished your target (for a person who did not understand what love stand for).

Guys, remember...
Life is just like a soldier which live alone in a huge war of life. Need to feed, nomad from a worst place to the better one, kill enemy and surviving in this lonely world in order to secure the future of living such a civilization.

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