Monday, January 17, 2011

Clean Room WAFER FAB.

1st time nk msuk lab wafer nie kat Cleanroom Automart
Cleanroom Definition :
A room in which the concentration of
airborne particles is controlled,
and which is constructed and used in
a manner to minimize the introduction,
generation, and retention of particles inside
the room and in which other relevant parameters,
for example temperature, humidity and
 pressure are controlled as necessary.
Sejak msuk cleanroom nie, aku telah pon trtarik
ngn equipment yg trdpt kt dlmnye...
dsmping trtarik mcm tu, aku pon da start nk
minat utk keje dlm cleanroom...
tp smmngnya kne hbt ngn theory yg trdpt
dlm sbjct2 yg aku amik sem nie...
its Electronic Packaging, Wafer Fabrication, IC Layout,
Microcontroller n also Failure Analysis...

Its me entering the cleanroom of wafer fabrication

Afiqah, Moon n Tian

antara rkn2 yg sertai lab ari tu..

besides me was PVD
Physical Vapour Deposition..

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