Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year with brand new wishlist...hehe..

happy new year of 2011 guys...
sorry sbb lme sgt x update...hehe...
so, this year got a lot of things to be done..
nk kne buat wishlist sndri...hehehe...
juz need a trget to score...
kre mcm prlukn peluru utk
menembak dgn tepat r...
these r my all-time whishlist starts 2011:
- Score as the bez as i can for my stdies..
- age of 26th must have an assets..
- targeting UKM Bangi for furthering
my dgree studies 
- wanna have a sports car..
- wanna have a naked motorcycle..
- need to make my mom n dad proud of me..
- lastly, wanna be the bez person in relationship..
then, thanks to Allah..hope Allah will bless me
to achieve all my trget.. Amiin...

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